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One Suggestion from my side. Create the range of age not exact age ike what I have used in previous reply. Your suggestion was close thank you very much for it! In previous thread you do not want total but now you are showing that you want total also. Now, I am confused. In first reply you show me one sample data -. Do you want Number of Orders to be break?


So now for example I can see that there were 18 year old females who ordered once and 76 who ordered two times and so on. So in this table the total amount of. Become a Viz Whiz on the Forums! Support the Community and master Tableau. Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. Yelp ratings show up right in iOS Apple maps when consumers are just looking for directions, so understanding these integration points and maximizing them is key. Creating a better mobile experience on transaction history, car telematics integrations, service scheduling, and payment are a few obvious wins.

I think some are waiting to get there through the use of their vendors CRMs, etc. With knowledge from telematics solutions such as mileage and driving behavior, service departments can precisely target customers with offers and streamlined appointment-setting directly through the mobile phone. The finance and sales departments also have much to gain by monitoring miles driven and gaining understanding of opportunities to transition customers into new cars and new finance deals while optimizing margins with their used car assets.

The dependency for these kinds of opportunities is to have valid data about the vehicle in terms of mileage and driving behavior, which most dealers lack today.

Dealers need to be ready with their responses to inbound requests for vehicle quotes and general information in mobile formats, including having responses that are mobile-optimized, and even texting back to consumers. Dealerships need to hire digitally savvy employees so they can communicate on these platforms and use tools like mobile videos to quickly give a virtual tour of specific vehicles, which [can expand the] geographic area from where dealers can pull. Virtual transactions are becoming more popular with new programs to deliver vehicles to the doorstep of consumers, even in markets like Manhattan.

Leveraging social sites for recruiting and including mobile applications for candidates is one way to attract tech-savvy employees. The sooner dealerships embrace this, the sooner they will profit from our mobile commerce economy. They can learn more about this at digitalairstrike. As the price on these solutions comes down, it will be a more effective way to measure marketing to showroom conversion. NFC [near field communication] payment, Facebook Messenger, and Siri- or Google Now-type assistants will all begin shifting how consumers research cars, [so] dealerships will have to make sure their brand has a presence on these evolving platforms.

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A connected car paired with convenient access through mobile apps allows dealerships to serve customers more efficiently, with a real-time view of every car in inventory and its precise location. Once these vehicles are sold to consumers, the consumer mobile app paired with the connected car provides a way for dealers to understand the precise needs of the vehicle in terms of maintenance, a means to notify the customer of those maintenance needs, and a calendar of available appointments.

These customers are shown ads for your services and those who are interested click through. These customers are then presented with additional information about your services and prompted to a web form which the more serious and motivated customers complete.

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Constant Customers generates new leads exclusively for each client through Facebook Advertising. When a person is interested in your products or services and wants to make a purchase, receive more information or get a price quote, they submit their; Name, Email Address and Phone Number for you to contact them. This new lead is a highly motivated person ready to become your next customer. Pay only per lead and grow your business with minimal risk.

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Pay-Per-Lead marketing means that you are only charged for each new customer lead delivered to you. Constant Customers assumes the risk of the costs in advertising by providing clients with a fixed cost per lead. Having fixed costs allows you to better plan and grow your businesses while minimizing the risks associated with the costs and challenges of marketing.

Constant Customers generates leads for hundreds of different types of businesses. Constant Customers generates leads through Facebook traffic.

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Each clients business page is connected to the ad campaigns so customers know why they are seeing each ad and so that each new customer lead can only go exclusively to your account. The first step is to complete the web form at the top of this page. Our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible with a fixed cost per lead. Once you are ready to begin your account manager will activate your account. From the time you get started it typically takes about business days to get your account set up, create your ad campaigns and begin generating leads.

Customer Spotlight: Constant Contact & Evergreen Content

You have the option to receive leads as fast as possible until your budget runs out, or gradually over the course of a month. Top Markets for Leads. Home Improvement.

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