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It is a continuation of 'the anticipatory vision' of Revelation , which states that these seven plagues are the last ones.

This verse echoes Revelation , showing the relationship with the seventh trumpet, just as the seven trumpets are related to the seventh seal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Revelation on Papyrus 47 from the third century. Grand Rapids, Mich. Craig A Evans ed. Colorado Springs, Colo. The Book of Psalms: with Introduction and Notes. The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges. Cambridge: At the University Press. Retrieved February 28, Book of Revelation. Textual variants. Categories : Book of Revelation chapters. These plagues, however, have not been mentioned before, and the reason why the article is used here seems to be this: the destruction of this great anti-Christian power had been distinctly mentioned, Revelation That might be spoken of as a thing now well known, and the mention of it would demand the article; and as that was well known, and would demand the article, so any allusion to it, or description of it, might be spoken of in the same manner, as a thing that was definite and fixed, and hence, the mention of the plagues by which it was to be accomplished would be referred to in the same manner.

It does not elsewhere occur in the New Testament, except in the Book of Revelation. In this book it is rendered "wound" in Revelation , Revelation , Revelation ; and plagues in Revelation ; Revelation ; Revelation , Revelation , Revelation ; Revelation , Revelation ; Revelation , Revelation ; Revelation ; Revelation It does not occur elsewhere. The secondary meaning of the word, and the meaning in the passage before us, is "a stripe" or "blow inflicted by God"; calamity or punishment.

Revelation - Chapter 15

The word "last" means those under which the order of things here referred to would terminate; the winding up of the affairs respecting the beast and his image - not necessarily the closing of the affairs of the world. Important events were to occur subsequent to the destruction of this anti-Christian power Revelation , but these were the plagues which would come finally upon the beast and his image, and which would terminate the existence of this formidable enemy.

For in them is filled up the wrath of God - That is, in regard to the beast and his image. All the expressions of the divine indignation toward that oppressive and persecuting power will be completed or exhausted by the pouring out of the contents of these vials. This verse is the summary of the vision that follows: the angels do not actually receive the vials till Re ; but here, in Re , by anticipation they are spoken of as having them.

There are no more plagues after these until the Lord's coming in judgment. The destruction of Babylon Re is the last: then in Re He appears.

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Revelation The seven angels with the seven last plagues. Revelation The song of them which overcome the beast. Revelation This seven angels receive the seven golden vials full of the wrath of God.

And I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvellous; that is, a representation which appeared to John great and wonderful. Seven angels; ministers of God, used by him in the dispensations of his providence.

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Having the seven last plagues; having a commission to execute the seven last judgments of God, by which he designed to destroy antichrist. For in them is filled up the wrath of God; for by them the wrath of God was to be executed upon him to the uttermost.

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They are said to have "the seven last plagues"; that is, in their vials; for these seven plagues are the same with the seven vials of the wrath of God, to be poured out upon antichrist; and are no other than so many steps, ways, and means, by which God will bring on and finish his destruction: these are called the last plagues, because they will be in the last days: there have been plagues before, as at the destruction of the old world, and of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the plagues of Egypt, and the downfall of several monarchies and kingdoms, and of Paganism in the Roman empire; but these will fall upon antichrist, and will be the last upon him, for they will issue in his utter ruin; they will be the last plagues upon the earth, there will be no other after them, but the conflagration of the world, and the general destruction of the wicked in hell.

These plagues are the same with the third woe, and are an explanation of it, and belong to the sounding of the seventh trumpet, which brings in the kingdoms of this world to become the kingdoms of Christ, and the time of God's wrath upon the nations, or Gentiles, the Papists, and of judging the dead, and destroying them that destroyed the earth, Revelation for these plagues do not follow upon the harvest and vintage, nor has this vision any respect to them, nor to be connected with the preceding chapter, but with Revelation and gives an enlarged view, both of the glory of Christ's kingdom, and of the ruin of antichrist, by these plagues, called the last: for in them is filled up the wrath of God; upon the beast, and his followers.

Now therefore is shown a singular work of the judgment of God belonging to the overthrow of Antichrist and his forces, of which divine work the preparation is described in this chapter: and the execution in the next.

A Bible Study of Revelation Chapter 15

The preparation is first set down generally and in type in this verse: and is after particularly set forth in the rest of the chapter. The manifestations in ch.

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But it is worthy of notice with what beautiful, artistic transparency the declaration of the actual ordination of these plagues is communicated, in that Revelation sqq. Revelation in its relation to Revelation sqq. Yet not only the very number indicates a meaning analogous to that of the seven last plagues, as the plagues described in the seal- and trumpet-visions, which do not contain the final judgment itself, but have only introduced that immediately before which belongs in the seventh trumpet,[] and consequently in the seventh seal;[] but, in the sense of the Apoc.

The plagues described also in ch. As by the trumpet-plague the dwellers on earth are not brought to repentance,[] so also neither are they by the vial-plagues. Revelation , Revelation , Revelation Revelation , Revelation Revelation Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges 1. Here preparation is made as in Revelation for another sevenfold series of visions. Some have attempted to see a sevenfold series in the three preceding chapters—its elements being the successively appearing figures of the Woman, the Dragon, the Man Child, Michael, the Beast, the False Prophet, and the Lamb. Pulpit Commentary Verse 1.

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