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Feb 24, We received these and they were used within days. The students loved them.

Bone Sorting & ID Guides, Owl Pellets: Educational Innovations, Inc.

I am going to go get them laminated though. I can see how folding and unfolding them multiple times could cause them to tear over time and we want these to last.

These are for a 4 year university. Apr 11, The sorting sheets were so helpful! The students loved the being able to refer back to this page.

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May 2, The bone charts were invaluable in sorting the bones from the owl pellet. It increased student interest to be able to figure out which animals often multiple and which bones they found. May 25, Great resource for owl pellet activity.

Students not only had a guide for their dissection, but also learned that this type of scientific charting is used I other areas csi, etc. Owl Pellets - Medium Owl Pellets. Fossil Sorting Kit.