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But, more important, he wanted to take control of everything around him. He wanted to run everything. He ran with a crowd of older boys, which did not endear him with his own age group, but he managed the bigger friends because he was supremely self-confident. He always wanted to be the one chosen to give a speech.

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He barely passed French his later attempts to learn Spanish made it clear that he could remember words and the grammar, but not the music. At one point he made an A in one math class and a D in another. His version was that he did the answers in his head, and one teacher thought he cheated. His favorite book was Johnny Tremain, 32 the Esther Forbes novel about the poor boy who becomes a runner and spy for Paul Revere. As citizens, we continually let elected officials pander for votes with easy, flawed solutions to complex problems.

For years, some of the town regulars in Medford mumbled angrily about the way the billionaire Mike Bloomberg would describe his time at Medford High. If Mike is barely recalled by most of his Medford classmates, his colleagues in the honors classes remember him well, especially because of one telling incident. When the students turned in their first drafts, they waited anxiously for a verdict from the teacher famous for terrorizing even the toughest teenagers in her class. She stopped, frowned, and threw his draft onto his desk.

Young Bloomberg was shaken by the encounter, his mother later told friends. He had planned to be provocative, not publicly humiliated. Miss Sharkey was a fan of the mighty Roosevelt, and she would not hear of such calumny. Or even debate it. That blowup over Roosevelt had to happen to Bloomberg, Black said. He simply recalls his plan B. He passed the rejected paper over to the honors history class, where the teacher used it to create a full and exhilarating discussion of Roosevelt and the war.

Other students in that class believe that he turned young Bloomberg around on Roosevelt in a way that Miss Sharkey could not. Officially, in the Medford High yearbooks, Bloomberg barely rates a mention. He was president of the slide rule club and a member of the debating society. Nobody had any interest in him. When they were seniors in high school, Dorothy Rubin Schepps remembered that Mike kept asking her out. Her maternal grandfather had died, so they set another date. Was he hurt? Instead, he quickly recovered. About The Author.

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Dracula Classic Starts Bram Stoker. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The character grew, Honeyman explains, out of a newspaper article she read years earlier about the problem of loneliness. She admits to having grown up in a village in central Scotland, midway between Glasgow and Edinburgh, but, when pressed about her background or her personal life, clams up.

Download PDF Eleanors Hero (Christmas in the City - Book 2)

There was no history of writing in the family, and she and her younger brother went to the local state school. Honeyman went on to read French language and literature at Glasgow University and then set off for a postgraduate degree at Oxford with the intention of becoming an academic, but decided in her 20s that the scholarly life was not for her.

Returning to Scotland, she settled down to backroom jobs, first as a civil servant specialising in economic development and then as an administrator at the university where she had once studied.

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Her colleagues shared her enthusiasm — as did seven other publishers who joined a hastily convened auction, which soared to six figures in four rounds of bidding. On the final day, Honeyman was confined to her hotel in Carcassonne while the competing editors called her up to make their cases and find out more about the unknown writer on whom they were about to bet the corporate silver. When results came through, late on Friday afternoon, Ashby, who had been fighting a heavy cold, was sitting in a station waiting for a train. For Honeyman it was the start of a period of editing and revising which she found she enjoyed as much as the writing itself.