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Ebook Free PdfDr. Ebook Free PdfErotica Confession of a nurse: sex story. Haros Book 1. Ebook Free PdfMr. Morgan's Magic Mirror Series Bundles. Heat level: Play with fire and you'll get burned. Daddy's Girl. A little taboo erotica which will teach a brat the way of being a woman!! After graduating from high school, a brat finds that her adoptive father has other plans for her for the summer before college and he soon shows her what its like to be a woman in every sense of the word.

He shows her the ropes in the world of sex and she realizes she likes what he has to show her. Isabella has just suffered a heartbreak, and she is finding it quite difficult to cope with her new reality and decides that she completely hates men.

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She shoves a man who tries to talk to her in a bar and her best friend is there to come to her rescue. However, when she finally gives Frank a chance, she sees this as an opportunity to finally become whole again. They end up getting married, but things are not as rosy as she expects because Frank is so caught up in his work.

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She seems to have a type and it always ends with her being unhappy. But when Larry swoops in with his alpha male aura and totally sweeps her off her feet, she realizes that what her love life needs is a real man like him. All she needs is happiness. Neil Redford Fu k. Dominate Me: Bound to the Billionaire previe Alex Stone is a self-made billionaire with a secret life.

Lora Taylor is a something, divorced mom with an ex-husband who left her for a younger woman. She's given up on second chances, that is until Alex Stone enters her life. Confident, attractive and successful, Alex is used to being obeyed. Drawn into a world beyond her wildest dreams, Lora must learn the rules of domination in order to be bound to the billionaire. But if she can't learn to surrender and embrace her deepest desires, she may lose everything. Loving Alex Stone will demand that she release all her inhibitions and fears.

Can she learn to embrace a new life that will require her complete submission? Christina DeMara. Change is always good! This book reminds you there is always options. Living Sensical.

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The Hathor Legacy kept me coming back again and again to find out what happens. Great descriptions and dialog pull you into the characters and their situations. Sarah Kay Moll. Love the cover! This definitely goes onto the TBR. Zaphira D Gheorge. I thought she was just another helping hand that my father had hired.

She looked good from the doorway leading out to the backyard. I thought that I could get her with just a smile, with just a smirk and the way that I talked. My father warned me to stay away from her; he told me numerous times that I was to stay away from her before he left. My father, he saw me as a disappointment but when I went out to tan in the chair and began talking with the maid I had a feeling she was going to be different. A woman that made me feels like I was something and does not because of the money that I had.

Forbidden - Fantasy Isle Book One. One down on her luck princess. A place where fantasies come true. The adventure begins on Fantasy Isle.


She was barely a woman and selling her innocence to save her mother. I should run away from this fantasy, but the little princess has made me feel alive for the first time in years. The desire I felt was forbidden, but that didn't stop me from wanting a taste. No one knew better than me how to make her first time memorable. I'd be damned if I'd let them try! Accidentally His. When a successful woman returns to her hometown, will it be small town romance or a family disaster? I left this town because it was too small. It was stifling. I was in love with my best friend, but he was not in love with me. He was popular.

Should a Dominant PAY For Their Submissive? [BDSM]

I was not. I was the smart girl, and he was the athletic boy. He had everything he wanted. And I wanted him. And I own my own company. And I am beginning to think he has changed his mind.

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I was in love with her. She was going places. My friend wanted me to meet him. I was a single mom who had priorities, but she was trying to convince me. I thought that Tyler was going to be a man of many words. It is just like the rest. Both of these bank notes undergo a TWIST OF FATE in the second instalment of each story that sends them on a completely new journey into the unknown; so fasten your seat belts and brace yourself for the ride of your lives.

One curvy virgin. Two HOT Step brothers. And the icing on the cake - I have a crush on Daddy Dearest. Full length MFM Romance, no cliffhanger! Stalk Me Royal : Preview. But DeMarco Vondra is no ordinary man.