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A lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal. Have questions? Schedule a call or call Remember Me. Lost your Password. Watch Video. Get Feedback. Know You're Doing it Right. Ensure Results. Is explaining what you do complicated? Ron Hubbard. Once, when Ramana's family came to visit her, she was allowed to clean up and leave her post below deck. Pictured, at dinner at the Scientology headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, with her mother left and a sister right , who were visiting from Australia. She was quickly forced to marry to an older man on the ship and punished when she didn't 'please' him sexually.

Pictured right, Ramana being given away by the Port Captain, as her father could not be there, and left, a day spent ashore with her sister to prepare for her wedding the following day. But when I got to the ship, I was out of my normal environment. I was 15, I thought it was exciting, we get to go on the world famous Freewinds. It makes me shudder now. I was terrified. There was one point my brain cracked, I had this vision of ballet on one side and the world on fire on the other, and I had a hose, I thought I had to do it. Once on board the ship two months later in , slowly but surely Ramana got a taste of what was to come.

The teenager began to question everything - and everyone - in her previous life that didn't conform to the teachings of Scientology.

So as a year-old, a year-old man is asking me questions about my sexual experiences, and this would go on for days and days, 15 hours a day. Ramana said goodbye to her family including her sister, pictured left in to begin work in the Sea Org: a dedicated group of Scientology members. The teenager quickly began to question everything - and everyone - in her previous life that didn't conform to the teachings of Scientology. Pictured, in she was allowed to visit home in Sydney.

Ramana had a strict schedule and worked hour work days, often going days without seeing sunlight.

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Pictured, her first visit home in six years to the Blue Mountains; in Ramana's words: 'It felt so good to put my hands in the water of my home! I only had 24 hours with my family'. This all gets stored in your personnel file. I was the youngest on board. Because the ship sails outside of U.

This is a response given by the media relations team. Dienes-Browning had an exciting position, travelling to over 35 different locations in a period of five years to promote the Church services to parishioners all around the world, including in Australia. She had opportunities that the bulk of young people in the world are never privileged to experience.

One of the Sea Org members who had recruited Ramana quickly made his intentions known. Within a few months, Ramana, who had just turned 16, found herself married and forced into a sexual relationship. It was bordering on pedophilia especially as he asked me to marry before I was 16,' Ramana said.

It was like seventies kitsch, marble and white leather sofas, a gold-lined bar, supposed to be really VIP, but it looked tacky. He had met all the celebrities. I was 16 in June, and we were married in December. He was But we barely knew each other.

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We only saw each other at lunchtimes, it was like a school romance. Ramana eventually got off the ship after she was deemed a security risk because she threatened to commit suicide. Pictured, on a promotional tour for Scientology in Vienna in I then felt this pressure to do it. I felt totally violated. The relationship fizzled as Ramana remained on the ship and her husband went away for training.

He needed to distance himself, and I was getting into trouble. Or you might do something against the policy.

Ron Hubbard days, who had this little army of pert young girls running around for him. Ramana was moved onto selling Freewind packages across the globe to members of Scientology centres, called Orgs, who were desperate to go onto the ship and mingle with top celebrities.

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Pictured, on a promotional tour in Paris. Up at 8, start at 8. Time and again, the problem of Ramana's non-Scientologist father came up. You start making things up to please them, I started to believe that my dad had actually raped me and the next day, I was like that never happened. Despite her newfound ability to leave the ship and travel, Ramana saw the cracks in the Scientology system: 'It was still the same every time we visited - people are broke, desperate, trying to pay for their Scientology courses'. Pictured, on a promotional tour in Athens. Most of the punishment was cleaning lots and lots of pipework in hot boiler suits.

I got to know it really well, I became a really good engineer!

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First time was because of my dad. I kept thinking that I was evil, there were unknown spirits in me. My mum came to visit, and I was on a major re-correction program, below deck in the engine room. I was allowed out, and cleaned up, so we could have dinner. She had no idea, she thought I was so happy and fulfilled in my life. Ramana worked in the engine room for roughly a year before she finally attempted a daredevil escape.

I chose a night where I knew it was sailing, I forged all signatures to get my passport, I told the port captain I was being sent out on a rush errand. He ran off the ship to get it cleared through customs. There was this whole area that had been rusted and it was my task to paint them the right color. The worst job was to de-rust a huge pipe and having to get inside it.

It was 11 hours a day in there, 20 minutes for lunch, 20 minutes for dinner, and five hours of study. Cabin to dining room to engine room. I literally just fell asleep and dropped to the ground, thankfully, the food stayed on the plate,' she said.