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About the Author Ruth D. Hein grew up in Van Horne, Iowa, as the middle child in a ghost-free Lutheran parsonage.

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With an M. Ruth lived with her husband, Ken, on a small acreage near Worthington, Minnesota, where she collected ghost stories and wrote the historical column for the Worthington Daily Globe for 14 years. Average Review.

Ghost stories: Titletown Brewing Co.

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People — kids especially — like to dare each other around legends, and getting near the hotel well was a popular one, he said. His interest sparked 23 years ago, when, as a high school senior in northwestern Wisconsin, people began reporting UFO sightings. I initially was interested in what makes some people believe in the paranormal and not others as ghosts, haunted.

If you say a man slaughtered his whole family in a barn and now the barn is haunted, I can at least try to verify if the story of the slaughter is true.

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Sometimes an old legend or folklore turns out to be completely false. His research eventually became a full-time gig, and about 20 years ago, his interest turned from why people believe to what they believe. His research has taken him around the world. Each region has its own general folklore, he said.