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Because they both have a bit of relative about the moon. Now do you have a connection? Then say it to your friends or teacher! Turn the page to learn more! How do you think this book will make you interested in the series? Your don't know? Then you might not know that there is 1 whole series and in the series the first four books have the same missions and the next 4 and the next There are 54 books in the whole series! The series contains Jack and Annie's thoughts and notes.

Jack always loves to write notes on their journeys. Do you ever think how Jack and Annie went on so many journeys? Well, because they are always courageous to go on them. Sincerely, Iris Jun 15, Amanda Carpenter rated it it was amazing. As I always say, my 8 year old niece brought me the first 2 of these books to read. She loves them and she wanted me to read them too so we can talk about them. I find them fun and informative for kids about different time periods and different things around the world.

I decided on book 5 to start reading them aloud for my dogs enjoyment too. I know, you may think I am crazy - but they like them. Well one gets rather scared sometimes, but the other loves to listen. Surprisingly enough the nerv As I always say, my 8 year old niece brought me the first 2 of these books to read. Surprisingly enough the nervous dog didn't get scared with this story either. It must have seemed a little more calm than some of the others.

Either that or she didn't understand the talk of going to the moon. Or perhaps she is just a dog and does not pay attention or understand what I am saying when I read these books outloud. However, I like to think of my dogs as intelligent enough to understand human speak, and they seem to enjoy when I read them a story at bedtime. I enjoyed it just the same as the rest though.

I think they are all quite fun so far.

Midnight on the Moon by Mary Pope Osborne: | Books

These are the elements I either most enjoy, find interesting, don't enjoy; or understand, or things that just stick with me in my mind after I have read a story and put it away. I thought the moon was a very neat place to take Jack and Annie for a trip. I am glad they figured out that the fourth M thing was Peanut the mouse! I had a sneaking suspicion that Peanut was Morgan trapped in the Mouse's body from the time Peanut appeared.

However, I am an adult. I figure this may have been more of an actual surprise to children as that is the audience for which these books are written. I liked the adventure Jack and Annie got to take on the moon. They found the space suits, and the air tanks and even found a little moon buggy that they could use to travel across the moon surface faster to investigate. I love Annie's curiosity in these books! It was a nice touch that a space man flew in to save them by giving them their clue and helping them out of their jam as someone always does!

See a Problem?

I thought it was cool that they had to be on the moon to enact the spell - that is why they didn't figure out the mouse was the 4th part of the spell until they got there! I thought it was kind of funny that the suits were so heavy on the kids that they could not get up when they fell over in them. It was a little scary too when they both had fallen and were stuck, but like I said at least the space guy came and saved them!

The danger elements in this story were interesting and very neat facts for children to learn, but weren't as scary as the danger elements in some of the other books.

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This was a nice change of pace. And by scary, I do not mean scary to me. I am imagining the scary-factor in a child's eye when I say that; especially when I have a nervous dog that gets scared at some story points in other books. View all 3 comments. Apr 01, Bailey Balistreire rated it liked it. Personal Response I liked this book because it talked about outer space.

I like to read books about outer space because my uncle was an astronaut. Every little kid wants a treehouse that travels and wishes they can go anywhere in the world. Plot Summary One day Jack and Annie walked into the woods and went to the tree house. Their tree house was full of books. Jack grabbed one of the books about the moon and the tree house spun until they were on the moon. They landed in a dome shaped structure whi Personal Response I liked this book because it talked about outer space.

They landed in a dome shaped structure which was a moon base which was built in They were looking for the fourth M item to free Morgan the owner of the tree house from a spell that turned her into a mouse. They put spacesuits on that had 2 hours of oxygen so they could search the moon for the item. Anny found a moon buggy to drive around. They saw a flag planted into the moon that was stuck on the moon from the first astronauts that were on the moon in A moon man appeared and drew them a map that was made out of stars.

Jack conetected the stars and made a mouse picture.

They realized the mouse map was the fourth M item they needed to change the spell. Characterization The main Characters in this book are Jack and Annie. Jack is eight years old and Annie is seven years old they are brother and sister. Morgan is the owner of the tree house, and was put under a spell by Merlin the magician. There's a mouse named Peanut that has befriended Jack and Annie.

The Moon Man appeared to them on the moon they couldn't communicate with him because he might be an alien. They traveled to the moon and back to Pennsylvania.

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They got to the treehouse and the mouse named Peanut was waiting there for them with the moon book already out. They traveled to the moon, returned back to the treehouse and Morgan returned to Camelot. Thematic Connection A theme of this book is fear because they run into an unknown character the moon man. They try to communicate with him but were unable to. This made him more fearful of him. They overcome this fear when he helps them get up off the ground and gives them the space map.

Recommendation I think this book would be best for the ages 8 and up. I recommend this book because it teaches the reader about traveling to space and the moon. Both girls and boys would enjoy reading this book. Rating I rate this book 3 stars because it's not really a motivating book for me.

May 17, Ashley Li rated it it was amazing. Mary Pope Osborne always included a lot of facts about the moon in the story. And this book also taught me that we need try our best to help others and maybe sometimes you will need others help as well. The magic tree house whisked them to a moon base, which was built on the moon in the year of They decided to wear the spacesuit which had controls to keep them from getting too hot or too cold and can provide air for two hours.

Magic Tree House: #8 Midnight on the Moon Chapter 1 - 5 - Read by Quynh Giang

They met a problem when they went outside. At that time a moon man appeared, and he saved their lives. The next adventure will be coming soon. They had a lot of fun in this adventure. Therefore, when we read this book we also can learn some knowledge of the moon. Children are easily fascinated by the plots in the novel, so I think this book is recommended for children who are in elementary school. And those interesting facts will let the children be interested in this book and the knowledge of moon; thus, arouse the interest of study.

Nov 07, Maya Orama added it. This book is about a boy and girl name jack and Annie going on an adventure to the moon! Jack was on his bed thinking what is his next move to go and were to go so he got out of bed and woke up his sister Annie he told her let's go to the tree house they got dressed and went out side in the woods they saw the tree house they claimed up the tree house.

Magic Tree House - Moon mission

Annie found the book and pressed the book and the tree house spin and spin in till it stop every thing was quite the magic tree house was in a w This book is about a boy and girl name jack and Annie going on an adventure to the moon! Annie found the book and pressed the book and the tree house spin and spin in till it stop every thing was quite the magic tree house was in a whit room the book said that a moon base was built on the moon in the year of The top of the dome slides open to let space people enter and leave jack got out of the tree house with Annie and jack read the book and it said that it takes fourteen earth days to equal one day on the moon.

Jack thinks that the moon science were space suits , which have controls to keep them from getting too hot or too cold which provides air for two hours. Jack read that a person weight lees on the moon low gravity and lack of air. If you weigh 60 ponds on the floor! Jack and went out Sid with their suits and was on the moon! They went out side and jack looked and found a strange book on the floor he slipped and the gravity on.

The moon let the book float jack was shocked!