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Dec 10, Amy rated it it was amazing.

Like the others I have read by her, this one has great laugh out loud moments, as well as, sweet and tender ones. If a reader is looking for a quick, good, humorous and clean romance, then this one is for them. Great job, Victorine! I received this book from the author, but was not required to write a review. Sep 19, Frances Hoelsema rated it really liked it.

This book was a nice, clean romance. There were many parts of it I liked, including the cruise and "geeky" nature of it. I loved the happy ending. I've read many of Victorine's books and this is about what I'd expect from her. The only negative thing I really have is that there was no 'wow' factor. To me, it was a typical romance not necessarily bad. It's just not one I'll remember because there was nothing special about it.

But it was a good storyline. Good writing. Apr 28, Diana Reeves rated it it was amazing. Great story!! Drew and Miranda had been friends since they were young but Drew was scrawny and pretty much a geek, but they were best friends. It drove me crazy how long it took Miranda to finally realize her love for Drew. The poor guy waited forever and suffered while she even got engaged to someone else. May 15, Patty Scott rated it it was amazing.

BEING THE 'FAT FRIEND' ... - Meaghan Dowling

Such a fun story! This friends to lovers story does not disappoint. You get to go on a cruise, fly in a private jet, and root for the nerdy billionaire boy next door.

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There are some fun and serious side stories that keep this book flowing so that it never goes flat. Some humorous scenes too. Totally recommended. Apr 29, Cynthia rated it it was amazing. He was the nerdy friend, she fell for everyone but him. Now her wedding has been called off she calls her friend for support.

They go on a cruise that is themed for their favorite show, which was suppose to be her honeymoon. Will it change them. Jul 17, Shellie Duchek rated it it was ok. He was mature, kind and devoted. Miranda on the other hand came across as extremely immature and whiny.

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It came across as jealousy. I had a hard time getting through the book because of her and often wondered what Drew saw in her. Glad Drew was happy in the end.

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Dec 28, Teya Peck rated it really liked it. Okay if this was supposed to be so frustrating you hated the girl for being so stupid, him for not opening his mouth and the extra girl for intruding then it was perfect. Other than that I loved his loyalty to her and his unconditional love. Her I was frustrated beyond life with her but I'm glad when he left and she woke up.

Short, frustrating, and sexy sweet all rolled into one. Dec 20, Heather Green rated it it was ok. I definitely didn't like this one as well as the first book in the series. It was clean. That's always a good thing. I wouldn't read it again. Jun 05, Audrey Rich rated it really liked it. Billionaire with A Crush A cruise, a high school friend with a crush, and a billionaire makes this book a good read. I liked Drew but I wanted to smack clueless Miranda because she was the one who needed glasses.

Dec 25, Sue Stinnett rated it it was amazing. Just a Friend Really enjoyed this book.

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It was a nice c! You will think they will never get their act together but they get their hea. Apr 28, Traci rated it it was amazing. Loved it OMG.. Couldn't put this book down, from the first page to the last. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful story.

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I fell in love with both characters, cheering them on. Waiting for them to realise May 24, Jennifer Layne rated it really liked it. This was a fun fast read by a new to me author Victorine E.

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I was routing for Drew I love a Nerd gets the girl story! I was also super frustrated that like a good teen nerd he let her walk all over him like a doormat. I was glad to see a HEA Jan 19, Chelsea Gardner rated it really liked it. This book has all the feels! I loved the friendship that Drew and Miranda started out with. Although it was a windy road for them, it was fun to see her realize something that he had known for a long time. Great read! May 06, Joan rated it it was amazing. A best friend makes the best husband Drew and Miranda have a lot to figure out.

It took her a long time and many boyfriends to actually find out what the problem was. Drew is a great guy and easy to like, I do love a happy ending! May 06, Lisa Rector rated it liked it. Decent read.