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The accident happened on Thursday, June 28, when an eastbound train and a westbound train side-swiped each other on a section of parallel tracks.

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The collision derailed both trains and at least one injured railroad worker had to be taken to the hospital. An article at the Leader-Herald website reported on the story:. Michael Amato, the Montgomery County Sheriff, said that two conductors, an engineer and other railroad personnel were on the two trains during the accident. Amato stated that one of them was transported to a local hospital for minor injuries. The accident caused some kind of material leakage. Hazmat personnel were dispatched to the accident site but officials later stated that there were no hazardous materials spilled.

The accident caused some interruption for Amtrak passengers, who had to be bused between Albany, Utica and Buffalo until normal service could be restored. Jackson, the issue was whether the ICCTA preempted state regulations for the practice of transloading solid waste from a truck to a railroad car and related facilities.

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The Third Circuit vacated an injunction against New Jersey that had prevented the state from enforcing the regulations and remanded the case for further fact finding. See also 49 U. Strickland Jr.

Transportation of Hazardous Materials Statutes and Regulations 1. Gottlieb, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals decided whether the Wisconsin Department of Transportation WisDOT had to have a search warrant to collect soil samples for a study on changing the path of a railroad track. National Environmental Policy Act NEPA, signed into law by President Nixon on January 1, , sets forth when an environmental impact statement EIS is required and the information that it must contain; mandates that agencies must cooperate in complying with NEPA; and requires that administrative procedures conform to national environmental policy.

Department of Transportation Under 49 U. Railroads, Environmental Documents, and Findings a. Environmental Reports An applicant for an action identified in 49 C. The court held that the STB considered sufficient alternatives to satisfy the public and private objectives for the project and made an informed decision on whether to grant an exemption. Surface Transportation Board, the issue was whether STB improperly granted an exception without consulting with other agencies, namely the U.

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United States Department of Transportation, the issue was whether the final EIS FEIS failed to consider properly the impact of the construction of a light rail project on a primarily African-American residential neighborhood with low-income businesses. A federal district court in Minnesota held that the FEIS was insufficient in its consideration of lost business revenue as a consequence of the light rail construction. Surface Transportation Board, the issue was whether STB approved the updating and building of new rail lines without considering alternative routes.

Teen Struck, Killed by Subway Train on UWS: Police

Issues explored in the report range from abandonment and discontinuance to constitutional law, construction, contracts, interaction with regulatory agencies, safety, retirement, and numerous other subjects. The electronic version of the digest includes more than pages of case law presenting detailed summaries of statutes, regulations, cases, and relevant articles as a fundamental resource for use in understanding the background and broad ramifications of railroad-related law reflected in each category. To access the case law, click the Roman numeral headings, which are linked to the legal topics.

A search for the legal topic will also result in finding it. The printed digest includes an annotated index of the case law and a bound-in CD-ROM with the case law reference materials.

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