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While the homogeneous catalysts do exist too notably, Wilkinson catalyst , those are rarely covered in a regular sophomore organic chemistry course and are not required for exams like ACS or MCAT. Everyone wants the "perfect" application to Medical School, but few students see where they're adding significant strain to their MCAT study schedule. Here's how to prioritize when planning that big date.

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You need to show that you put tremendous care and effort into these two numbers. Care and effort means, prioritizing hours you know you'll need over easier tasks, such as volunteering. Think about your future. If you know you need to sleep 9 hours to stay awake for your earliest class, you may need to sacrifice whatever gives you super late nights.

Only you know what you can endure, but it's important not to overestimate this either. Breaks shouldn't be the same length all the time. It's important to shock your body and give yourself variation to avoid boredom, and come back and produce the best work. Great diagram of how circular diagram replicates. Elements of A Smartphone Follow chemistry. Nums key Meme of the day Starting this new thing. When you have many things on your mind it is good to let go of those thoughts and what better way than a journal?

Do you have one? Share with me! Kalon kalonicles for this comedy moment!!! But we should aim higher than the average! Your chances of acceptance improve the higher your score. The closer you are to this number the better your chances are to have a med school take your application more seriously for consideration for admission! Kindly comment below all of your queries. Should i come live?? Today monday, 4 pm?

pimp proof series biochemistry for usmle step 1 Manual

Hear this problem way too much. Hope this helps somebody. Regardless what you choose to do after going into this Medical School path, the feeling of absolute accomplishment that accompanies you as you come out on the other side is invaluable. The MCAT in itself requires you to put most of this aside, and do a mini-juggling act.

I am SUPER passionate about providing the women in medical training the tools, insight, advice and support they need to kill it as a woman physician-to-be as well as in her life outside the hospital!

You can do both! Check it out!! Please join and spread the word! Biology question of the day! Like and comment below on what you guys think the answer is! Organic Chemistry question of the day! My advice for people on the journey to becoming a doctor is to find one or two things outside of medicine that you love doing.

Dionzhane buccalupwithdi for getting coated! Then, in that last stretch, focus on synthesizing and applying your knowledge. Posted by admin Tweet This contest is currently closed — the winner has been contacted. Thank you to everyone who applied. Stay tuned for the next free giveaway, coming this Halloween!

Win this book free! As this site is dedicated to using the experiences of medical students to help one another, Pocket Medicine will be awarded to the US medical student who offers the best advice to incoming first year medical students in a comment to this post. It can focus on anything, including but not limited to study tips, ways to adjust to med school life, your favorite anatomy resources, or anything else that you wish you had known coming into medical school.

It just needs to be tailored to first years. Alternately, you can use another e-mail for now, but winners must verify their med school e-mail when contacted. E-mail addresses are not displayed publicly, and will not be used for any purpose outside of this contest. The winning entry will be selected on Friday, October 7th at pm, and the winner will be notified by the e-mail they provided shortly thereafter.

See our complete contest rules for further details. Some med schools still have dedicated histology courses and mandatory histo labs with ridiculously priced slide sets, but most have transitioned to incorporating histology within other broader classes, and offer newer digital versions of labs. Due to this transition, as well as the driving field of pathology, countless databases and software packages have been developed to allow for histopathological visualization of electronic slides.

Short of capturing a live histologist and forcing them to use the neon microscope arrows to directly point out key structures to make sense of it all, the next best thing is using a database that directly points to, circles, colors in, and directly labels what you need to know.

There are few free online databases out there, but the Histology Learning System from Boston University is among the best. Sure the background is a dull gray and the site navigation is a bit static, but the content and more importantly label system are a sure fire way to both learn and teach the material.

This is especially useful when you find yourself needing to put together that annoying last minute power point presentation for some small group show-and-tell the next day. The database breaks down all of histology by system, and also has a sitemap with every image listed. Some structures are rather straight forward and have no enhanced images, while others can go several layers deep.

Chances are, the histology professor or local guru at your medical school can recognize the BU histology database images on sight, as they are relatively well known in the community and characteristic. To prove your gunnery and attain bonus internet points, name the structures contained within this post by commenting here. Posted in Pre-clinical Years Tagged dissection , First Year Medical Student Books , histologist , Histology , med school books , med school honors , med school study website , med student , med student books , medical school curricula , medical student , medical student books , medical students , MS-I , Pathology , reference book , sites to see , websites 3 Impressions on this resource so far.

The focus is to overview all of the bugs microbiology pathogens and drugs that medical students encounter in preclinical Microbiology, the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 exams, and the wards.


Whether you are incredibly interested in Microbiology or find it to be a gigantic anxiety provoking and overwhelming burden on your medical school career, Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple will keep you sane. The strength of the book is taking the daunting task of mass memorization and breaking it down into digestible memorable portions, and using very silly drawings see collage below.

The drawings themselves are either produced by a really bad adult artist, or a really talented second grader. Either way, they have a habit of really sticking. I have yet to forget that salmonella hangs out in the gallbladder, despite never being tested on that factoid. This book is specifically designed for review and ground up learning for the microbiology newbie.

Remember that microbiology and pharmacology books can give a good overview of antibiotic selection, but medical practices should utilize local data on bug susceptibility to direct care. Overall, Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple is highly recommended as one of the best microbiology textbooks available to medical students, to be complemented with MicroCards to enhance learning. On today's episode, hear from one third year medical student, who attended AMSA , offer some advice on prepping for Step 1 and Step 2.

Not an AMSA member? Details are forthcoming but head to insidetheboards. Today we're looking at some renal questions, thanks to our good best? In this episode we're reviewing some high yield GI questions. This episode is half of a two part show on lung stuff featuring Dr. Check out the other half of this episode the right lung, get it?

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You can also check out ITB's high-yield physiology podcast for first and second year medical students. We'd love to get to know you better.

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