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Scroll down to see all the info we have compiled on requel. How many letters in the Answer?

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Searching in Dictionaries Definitions of requel in various dictionaries: No definitions found. Killer Klowns will see its 30th anniversary on May No one expected a movie about carnivorous alien clowns to become both a cult hit and a movie still relevant to the horror-verse three decades later, least of all its director. What if he was just floating there; was he from outer space? He remembers the laughter in the crowd growing louder and louder until it suffocated him.

That disconnect between mirth and horror is what really defined clowns for Chiodo. He observed that clowns are thought of as G-rated by most of society. Clowns have something of a magnetic attraction for children, like the girl in Killer Klowns ' Circus Burger scene who was seconds away from becoming an appetizer when what she must have assumed was a stray circus performer lured her over to the door. Bringing them from outer space kind of made them non-human, something extraordinary besides some guys who got their faces painted.

LOOK: What character will Ryan Eigenmann play in the 'Encantadia' requel?

The alien DNA added a whole other dimension to these already chilling characters that simultaneously trigger laughs and shock. Morphing them into life-forms from some other galaxy gave Chiodo and his co-producers, his brothers Charles and Edward, the creative license to take the Klowns places where no one had gone with clowns before — or since, for that matter.

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Those popcorn kernels that explode into vicious clown-faced jack-in-the-boxes were a fusion of extraterrestrial spores from Japanese horror films like Matango and the chestbursters from Alien. We wanted to kind of reinvent them within the universe of alien clowns. Some creatures evolved on their own. The absurdity of a pink balloon dog hunting humans makes it borderline hilarious — and also the reason you may never trust things made out of twisted latex ever again. The aliens themselves came into being from what could only be described as visualizations of clowns in funhouse mirrors, with trippy head shapes designed in silhouette by Charlie Chiodo, before sculptor Jim Kagel made those grotesque faces a reality in plasticine.

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Those prototypes were used to make molds that the flexible foam rubber heads would emerge from. That explains every eerily realistic grimace and snarl. You know something cannot possibly be from Earth when it can create shadow puppets of a hula girl, an elephant, Washington crossing the Delaware, and then a final T-Rex that devours its audience. Those laser beams and rocket blasts were artwork that was double-exposed onto the original footage.

An optical effects company photographed and filmed some cartoon elements again in post-production. Chiodo has an appreciation for these types of practical effects, which were mostly used during an era when CGI was still in its embryonic phase.

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I think people recognize that. Just remember, you can get popcorn, but in space, no one can eat ice cream. Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site.