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He then slipped away to the dressing room and there, peacefully died. According to his wish, he was cremated instead of having a traditional Muslim burial. The Bombay High Court was closed to show respect for him, and several speeches were made in his memory, including one by former Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

In , a statue of Chagla was unveiled and placed within the High Court itself, appropriately outside the Chief Justice's Court where once he served. The inscription on the statue plinth reads:.

The surname "Chagla" was not his original surname. In Chagla's autobiography, he recounted that in his youth, he was known as "Merchant" as both his father and grandfather were merchants.

Hating the name due to its associations with money, he went to his grandfather one day and asked him as to what he should call himself. His grandfather promptly replied "Chagla" as his father, Chagla's great-grandfather, had had Chagla as his pet name, which in the Kutchi language means "favourite".

Chagla promptly adopted the new surname.


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Roses in December

Mohamed Ali Carim Chagla. Kennedy at the White House, 22 May Retrieved 8 September Chagla Making Britain". Retrieved 28 November Roses in December 9th ed. Mumbai: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Krishna 22 October The Hindu. The Economic Times. Want to fuel that passion but don't have time to plan anything inspirational? Roses in December can help!

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Roses in December is a collection of over 75 thematic music sessions. At your fingertips: music activities, reminiscence topics, discussion questions, sensory stimulation activities, visualizations, song lists, and more! Simplify your planning with this practical, easy-to-use book. Roses in December includes lyrics, melody, and chords for 43 songs.


We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. I had heard many music therapists rave about loving this book.

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In my opinion, it's nothing special. You get a theme, some song suggestions and some activity ideas. I was really hoping the song suggestions would be a lot more up to date and include suggestions from the 50's and 60's. She begins to take form through their shared recollections, even though we know the tragic ending to the story.

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Directors Ana Carrigan and Bernard Stone present the documentary almost like a grainy newsreel, and although this feels accurate and true, it also keeps the subject matter at a distance. The first images, for example, are of the bodies and how they were unceremoniously discarded in simple graves. The constant replaying of these images definitely lets the viewer know the unfortunate demise of these women, but it also makes the story somewhat inaccessible.

From her upbringing in the United States to her struggle to find meaning after college, this young woman lived a life of heartfelt meaning. She was motivated to help out in El Salvador, relishing the chance to make a difference.