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But if every time we get a bit carried away on a demonstration we risk being filmed, identified and condemned by the social-media mob, everyone will suffer. Tom Slater is deputy editor at spiked. Listen to the latest spiked podcast :. Forgot password? You must be logged in to comment.

New York’s Election Anniversary “Primal Scream” Was a Bust but That’s O.K.

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The right-wing snowflakes strike again

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  • The right-wing snowflakes strike again - spiked.
  • The right-wing snowflakes strike again!
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Screaming Snowflake | HaHaHa | Snowflakes, Democratic national committee, Fashion

The "Screaming helplessly" protest is getting flack from the Infowars corner of the internet, with right-wing Twitter calling it useless and one writer even calling it a symptom of "'Trump Derangement Syndrome,' where hysterical anti-Trump agitators act out like petulant children by engaging in public temper tantrums. Its organizers, and the thousands of people considering taking part, don't see it as such. If it's so useless, what're you mad about? Mind your own," Wahl says.

What A Liberal Snowflake Sounds Like - Jessica Starr Screaming No At Donald Trump's Inauguration

And I think they're entirely ignorant to the irony. Perhaps if they had a helpless screaming event of their own, they wouldn't have quite so many incendiary comments. Screaming out your stress isn't exactly a new idea, either. It doesn't accomplish as much as, for example, studying for that next test — but at the same time, it does relieve you in a way that studying just doesn't.

You feel somehow empty after it, but in a positive way — like you've cleared out anything that's clogging your system, leaving you ready to start the hard work again. For all of the people who have felt their mental health slipping for one reason or another over the last year, this event is a chance to unclog that system.