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Christmas Through a Different Lens: Little Shepherd Boy | Kariss Lynch

Read the full official English-language translation of Pope Francis' homily for the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord. As we approach the final days of the Christmas season, Deacon Pedro explores the "12 Days of Christmas" and presents an intriguing Panamanian version in honour of WYD Deacon-structing the Holy Family Deacon Pedro.

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family. A wave of nostalgic sitcoms, epitomized by The Wonder Years , owe a significant debt to Shepherd's work.

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His influence alone should have made him a pop-culture icon. It didn't. Now, as Shepherd's greatest success celebrates its third decade of relevance, a question remains: Why did the man's legacy fade away just as his story joined the pantheon of Christmas classics? Understandably, there is no simple answer. Shepherd died in , just as Turner Broadcasting had begun to make a tradition of its all-day marathon.


That small-screen saturation is a huge reason—if not the reason—why audiences rediscovered A Christmas Story , so the most obvious explanation is a macabre one. Shepherd wasn't around, so he wasn't acknowledged as a significant part of the movie's success.

David The Shepherd! (Malayalam)- Bible Stories For Kids! Episode 16

That's the work of a shrewd cable-programming gimmick. Shepherd's famous wit soured into pessimism as he aged, too.

The Importance of Shepherds

During one of his last radio interviews, according to a Time column published soon after his death , he repeatedly dismissed his radio years as "just another gig. He sarcastically criticized his "night people"—the late-night devotees who listened to his wild, rambling stories—and disavowed radio as little more than a stepping-stone to television and film. To borrow his favorite slur, Jean Shepherd had become a fathead.


Mercifully, A Christmas Story doesn't share even a smidge of that cynicism. The movie embraces all of Shepherd's warm humor—tinged by the horror of childhood, of course—without any maudlin sentiment. Perhaps the movie outlasted the man because it's bigger than he ever was, an ideal way to tell the stories he created decades earlier.

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  • It takes the greatest parts of Shepherd's routine—his inimitable wordplay, the way he measured his voice to match a story's mood, that friendly chuckle—and enhances them with on-screen magic. That's what makes A Christmas Story special. Just as Shepherd narrates the movie as an adult, director Bob Clark presents it through the eyes of a young boy.