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Historical Fiction. True Crime. Profession: Author.

Event Coordinator. Film Executive. EVs are the future, and Tesla is the undisputed market leader, especially in the US, but also globally. Many thanks to Mase Goslin for the great visualization.

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Of course, this is just the US, which is by no means the largest EV market or overall auto market globally. So far in , Tesla and BYD remain in the same positions.

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  6. Tesla produced 77, vehicles in Q1 although, it was still shipping many of them at the end of the quarter, with completed sales of 63, BYD sold 71, during Q1. That puts Tesla ahead on production, but behind on deliveries. Both are growing strongly in and appear to be pulling ahead of the rest of the pack.

    BYD seems set to maintain its position as the leading Chinese brand. Tesla appears to be on track to have record production volume in Q2 , with a recent apparently leaked email by Elon Musk noting Model 3 production already at units per day and tracking to 1, per day in the near future.

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    Good easy light read. Bit over the top with Australian slang, but made me smile while cringing at the same time. Aug 15, David rated it really liked it Shelves: aussie-crime-fiction. This initially inspires Mick and his girlfriend Jesse to embark on a quest to locate his Tesla's legacy and make their fortunes, preferably as a result of a deal with Eddie and Channel Nine. With this as the main premise for the novel, I have to admit, my far-fetched storyline detector was on full alert and my expectations The book is set in Newcastle, Muswellbrook, Scone and Burning Mountain in New South Wales and revolves around the locating of Nikola Tesla's diary in the back of a vintage car.

    With this as the main premise for the novel, I have to admit, my far-fetched storyline detector was on full alert and my expectations weren't high. However, I have found in the past, that quite often, these are the books that surprise me most. And of course this was no exception! I was rewarded with a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable read.

    As promised, the plotline was both intriguing and filled with humour. The keynote character Mick Vincent was hilarious, and like this book, there was far more to Mick than met the eye. He wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but he was definitely sharper than most.

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    This is a standalone book by Robert G. Barrett, but filled with the humour that Barrett infuses into his renowned Les Norton series of books. Whether a non-Australian would understand some of the language or 'ocker' humour, I am not sure, but I would be pleased to recommend this book to Australian readers who enjoy their crime fiction light, and laced with a decent dose of laughter. Aug 11, Jason Campbell rated it did not like it. The book started well with the killing of some of those horrible indian myna birds.

    It also interested me in going to visit Burning Mountain. Alas, as for rest, it could have been written by someone in high school, and I don't mean a gifted kid. No se me ocurre nada bueno que decir de este libro.

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    Imposible empatizar con los personajes, acciones y conclusiones milagrosas. Ni para la tumbona de la playa. Jul 24, Scott rated it it was ok.


    Trying to read local authors while in Sydney. Jun 15, Zuzu Burford rated it liked it Shelves: australian-authors. Mad escapism. A light read that I enjoyed. Nov 13, Lynn rated it liked it. Feb 10, Andrew Roberts rated it it was ok. So kitsch that I had to give it a second star. Hilariously no-frills; most of the enjoyment was due to knowing the setting of the book. Escritura pobre, historia mediocre peor aprovechada y final decepcionante. Lisa Nania rated it really liked it Dec 27, Kim Eales rated it it was amazing Jun 15,