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If asked for one thing, I would point to the first three pages of The Secret of the Unicorn. If all these three pages contained were pictures with elaborate background imagery, they would probably feel so heavy to the eye as to impede the otherwise clear storytelling. But, at the same time, a scene taking place in a crowded flea market requires elaborate imagery to convey an authentic atmosphere. And this alternation is determined by a clear storytelling principle: when Tintin is talking to Thompson and Thomson the background disappears! But when one of them turns around and looks out — the world reappears!

God is truly in the details…. The astonishing richness of these seemingly straightforward comics is key to their appeal. A revelation to me was back in , when [veteran comics scholar] Pierre Fresnault-Deruelle gave a talk in Copenhagen, in which he pointed out how the background detail of the chase scene through the cluttered crypt of Marlinspike in that very same book, provides a kind of commentary on the action without slowing it down or impairing the storytelling in the slightest.

Later, when Tintin is looking at the brothers leaving, hoping to have fooled them, there is a little running white figure echoing his hope of escape in the middle of the picture. When he is subsequently discovered and they fire their gun at him, a Babylonian demon rears behind him on the table. These are merely a few examples in a sequence loaded with such imagery. An astonishing achievement of subliminal storytelling. A fellow cartoonist once warned me about it, suggesting that too much awareness will ultimately lend a rigid and forced feel to a given piece of art or storytelling.

These works are still stunning achievements; brilliant, funny, clever, playful — comic books at their finest. Contrary to its predecessors, which are all great reads — even Flight — I acknowledge that Picaros is very hard going. They are roped into helping their old friend Alcazar mount a dubious coup in the banana republic of San Theodoros, replacing one dictator with another and changing exactly nothing. Herge was interesting till the last: even Alph Art was rather promising! It humbles me to know that your path was destined to converge with mine. Every step we take is a step closer to our own further understanding of Self, and every person we meet is literally a reflection of our desire to understand the very nature of who we are through others.

When our paths cross, not only does it mean that you subconsciously chose this particular path so that it would connect with yours. The path to self-awareness and self-understanding is receprocal and equal.

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Each of us learn equally of ourselves through others. No one person has greater wisdom and experience gained than the other, since everyone is an aspect of one's own Self. Therefore, I will learn as much about my Self through you as you will through me. There is no hierarchy, since that is only an Illusion that man exploits to control others less aware of this truth. A Reflection of your hopes and dreams, your fears and your love. A Microcosm of the Universe and all there is, seen and unseen. I am no better than you, nor am I worse. I am as equally unique in my experiences as you are in yours.

I humbly offer my observations of Oneness in a Self-induced and Self-perpetuating Illusion of Seperation and Suffering.

Suffering exists because we believe that it is a part of our Reality. But Suffering,like all things, is an Illusion -- a vibrational frequency pattern of the One. Yes, I revile the American President, but also he is merely a figurehead for the real Beast. By the Democrats own words they have unleashed terror upon us and given it a face of Muslims and Arabs… for their own selfish greed.

The donkey and the elephant symbols of the two dominant political parties are tied at the hip. Whenever they want to start wars they put the elephant Republican party in front. When the people get upset enough they put the donkey Democratic party in front. We need to untie the donkey and the elephant and put them on a reservation, and come up with some real solutions to our problems.

Solutions that actually accomplish solutions to the terror issues that have been created by those who would rule over the masses. What to the American Slave is your Fourth of July? I answer, a day that reveals to him more than all other days of the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim.

To him your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciation of tyrants, brass-fronted impudence; your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery; your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanksgivings, with all the religious parade and solemnity, are to him mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy—a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages. There is not a nation of this earth guilty of practice more shocking and bloody than are the people of these United States at this very hour.

Go search where you will, roam through all the monarchies and despotisms of the Old World, travel through South America, search out every abuse and when you have found the last, lay your facts by the side of the everyday practices of this nation, and you will say with me that, for revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy, America reigns without a rival.

We need a program of psychosurgery and political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain.

Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain. Congressional Record No.

The Empty Desire Author Angelo Aulisa: Atmo Manyk (The Empty Conscio) (Volume 5) -

A "placebo controlled clinical study" demonstrates that the power of belief is removed from a pharmaceutical drug test. The mind can actually dissolve a cancer tumor if that patient merely believes the swallowed pill has a drug in it, even if there is nothing in the pill. According to the most well-tested theory in physics, Quantum Mechanics, your consciousness changes reality.

In this theory, the phenomenon known as the collapse of the Quantum Wave Function is what brings reality into existence. This is a fancy way of saying that one's conscious observation of small unseen waves actually causes those waves to "collapse" into matter.

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In other words, conscious observation materializes particles into existence. We create our reality through our Focus and Intention.

The Lord of Empy Spaces

We are all here perceiving through our "meat puppet" body, and interpreting everything through your receptors and making value judgments based on our life's experiences. Some elements you gloss over or ignore even if they are important to others, but they aren't your focus, so they don't matter. Others you focus very strongly upon.

You don't even fully acknowledge just how much you focus on them, but the intensity is so palpable that its like you are digging a groove into the fabric of reality, and you are making sure that each step in your path moves you closer and closer to your desired outcome. Sometimes things do happen in a way that seems like a miracle or magic, such as spontaneous remission from cancer, or whatever else you might feel qualifies, but mostly we just create through intention focus transforming energy into matter in our minds.

Everyone does it all the time, even when you are blind, deaf, colorblind, in a sensory deprivation chamber, on drugs, drowning, etc. When we mentally focus, energy becomes matter.

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Everything else is just background or white noise, the "Hum of the Universe ", potential. Then it becomes real to us because we call it forth in our mind. Science has already demonstrated how we use our body's various receptors, skin, eyes, ears, to register input which are in the form of energy waves light, sound, etc. All reality happens in our minds.

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Always has, always will. If your "meat puppet" body, which is not you, malfunctions, things can cut off certain receptors, and thus reality changes for you to accommodate your new perception status. If you die, meaning your "meat puppet" body becomes severed from your use in perceiving this Reality anymore, then you move on into the higher realms and your journey here is over and this Reality ceases to be of primary focus.

So many accept what is taught when without using reason or logic. Evolution does not teach that " we descended from monkeys", it teaches that Humans, like other Primates [ i ncluding Monkeys and Apes ], descended from a common ancestor. And down through time, the evolutionary chain continued. And then we arrive at a species that does not seem to fit as well as the rest.

Homosapian's gestation period of 9 months mimics the 3. The human embryo repeats the evolution of all species. When the sperm and egg unite, this new creation, is a single-celled organism. Within hours, this single cell divides and multiplies more rapidly than any other species. A few weeks later it develops lungs and a tail with reptilian appearance. From there, a mammal is recognizable, and then on to a primate form. It then sheds its lacuna which is the embryonic fur.

And at last, shows the characteristics of a human child. A particular action or choice is morally RIGHT when it somehow promotes happiness, well-being or health, or it somehow minimizes unnecessary harm or suffering or both. A particular action or choice is morally WRONG when it diminishes happiness, well-being or health, or it somehow causes unnecessary harm or suffering or does both. The 'Ethic of Reciprocity' or the Golden Rule predates Christianity by at least several thousand years, was never exclusive to Judaism, and is a fundamental moral value which simply means 'treat others as you would like to be treated.

The Golden Rule was a common principle in ancient Greek philosophy as demonstrated by the writings of Pittacus, Thales, Sextus, Isocrates and Epictetus. It is also a basic tenant of Buddhists, Confusianists, Hindus, Taoists, etc.. Truly trust that Creation is unfolding continuously, and that all we really need to do is "allow.

We are always struggling when we resist the flow and try paddling UP-stream. But once we stop rowing and allow the oars to rest, the canoe we are riding in will turn and flow naturally to our abundance.