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II : 1 - 74 The warring of the winds. X : 41 - 78 Book EIV. XII : 1 - 50 The wintry north wind. X : 35 - 84 Associated with the Great Bear and the north.

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V : 43 - 86 The North wind is less powerful by the time it reaches Rome. X : 35 - 84 A river running into the Black Sea. Byzantium on its west bank , Chalcedon on its east. IV : 1 - 46 The southern limit for Ovid of the region round Tomis. Hippodameia , the daughter of Briseus of Lyrnesus , and the favourite slave of Achilles , whom Agamemnon forced him to relinquish , initiating the famous quarrel described in the Iliad. I: 1 - 48 Achilles saddened. Ibis : - A son of Tantalus.

He committed suicide in the flames because of his ugliness , or as some say on being driven mad by Artemis. Marcus Junius Brutus co-leader of the conspiracy to assassinate Julius Caesar , and a writer on philosophy and rhetoric.

The Waste Land

I: 1 - 36 A moralist and essayist on various subjects. A friend addressed by Ovid who acted as his editor , otherwise unknown. Brutus issued the first three books of the Tristia on their completion. I: 1 - 36 This letter addressed to him explicitly. IX : 1 - 56 This letter addressed to him explicitly. VI : 1 - 50 This letter addressed to him explicitly. A king of Egypt who sacrificed strangers to Jupiter , killed by Hercules. He was the brother of Antaeus of Libya. VI : 1 - 60 Ibis : - An example of cruelty.

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Ibis : - The daughter of Miletus , and Cyanee , twin sister of Caunus. The twins were noted for their beauty. Byblis fell in love with Caunus and wooed him incestuously. See Metamorphoses IX : The city founded on the west side of the Bosporus in the mid 7th century BC.

The city now lies on both sides of the southern end of the Bosporus. The bellowing of the stolen bulls gave him away.

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The son of the Phoenician king Agenor , who searched for his sister Europa stolen by Jupiter. The father of Semele. III : 49 - 94 The founder of Thebes. Ibis : - Athene commanded him to sow the teeth of the serpent from the snake of the Castalian Spring , that he had killed in the soil of Thebes. The Sparti or sown men were born from the soil , and they fought each other until only five were left.

Girl in the mirror (English Version) Part 1

Ibis : - Grandfather of Pentheus. Ovid uses Caesares , the Caesars , of two or more members of the Imperial house. IV : 1 - 58 Here Augustus and Tiberius the heir apparent. XV : 1 - 42 The Imperial House. An Athenian artist c. I: 1 - 36 Famous for his bronze horses. Probably a Bithynian river south of Herakleia. The scholar and poet of Alexandria c. He was admired by Ovid , Propertius and Catullus. His Hymns and fragments of Aitia etc survive. His erotic epigrams? The Muse of epic poetry.

The mother of Orpheus. Calliope often represents all the Muses , being the primal Muse. Ibis : - The mother of Orpheus. A nymph of Nonacris in Arcadia , a favourite of Phoebe-Diana. The daughter of Lycaon , and descended from Atlas. She gave birth to a son Arcas , and was turned into a bear by Juno.

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Her constellation is the Great Bear. XI : 1 - 44 Her constellation , the Atlantian Bear. IV : 1 - 46 Her constellation , the Erymanthian Bear. Both the circumpolar constellations can be used to find the location of the north celestial pole. V : 43 - 86 Book EIV. X : 35 - 84 Ursa Major , also called the Wain. Ibis : - Callisto the daughter of Lycaon.

Gaius Licinius Macer Calvus 82 - 46? BC the orator , poet and friend of Catullus. He was a man of small stature with a fierce courtoom manner. As a poet he wrote epigrams , lampoons etc. The town in Aetolia , a few miles inland.

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The site of the Calydonian Boar Hunt. III : 49 - 94 The birthplace of Tydeus. The goddess who loved Ulysses and detained him on her island for a number of years. Odysseus was impatient to leave her. Odyssey V : X : 1 - 34 An easy time for Ulysses. A Roman term for Muse. An Augustan epic poet , otherwise unknown. The region of southern Italy consisting of the coastal plain along the Tyrrhenian Sea , and mountains in the interior , and the Sorrento peninsula.

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The great recreation ground of ancient Rome , the Field of Mars , just outside the ancient city to the north-west along the Tiber. Originally it was open pasture outside the city boundary pomerium in the bend of the Tiber south of the Pincian Hill and east of the Janiculum , used for army musters and political assemblies. It took its name from the altar of Mars located there. It was encroached on by public buildings later including the Portico of Octavia and the Theatre of Pompey , but still retained its function as a park and exercise ground. I: 1 - 48 Book EI.

VIII : 1 - 70 An extensive grassy plain. The gardens it faced were those of Agrippa and the Horti Pompeiani. The daughter of Aeolus , God of the Winds and Enarete.

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The son of Hipponous and Astynome. One of the seven leaders who attacked Thebes.