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October 07, To top. English American Examples Collocations Translations. Get our free widgets. Add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets. Dictionary apps. That's why they gave us this one. They want us to fail. They won't give it to us. I don't know why, but men always up and do anything for me. Go and get it. Mary Ann and Ginger exchange glances. Ginger gets up and exits. That's coming along fine. Gilligan appears from the tail of the monster costume.


Skipper reveals himself at the front end of the monster costume. I'm the head because I'm the brain. I can't wait till it gets dark, huh? Yeah, yeah. Wait till we get there. Let's get down to a little rehearsal, shall we? Now let's go together, gentlemen.

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The rear end, let's hear it. Now all together! I think we've found an answer to the Beatles. The women arrange blankets to act as their fourth wall of the hut. Gilligan reveals himself. They disappear into the costume. Gilligan, I said, softly. Sorry, Skipper. On your mark, get set, go. I'm suffocating back here. Let's get over a little closer. Mary Ann stands up. Ginger stands up and feigns fear.

Howell stands up and reassures the other women. Now, don't be scared. It's a monster! We must protect ourselves. Howell follows suit. All three peer out in an opening in the blankets. Look at that wild beast! It's just awful! We must let the men know that we're big and strong shouts and should have equal rights! The women disappear inside the hut. Gilligan and Skipper reveal themselves from the costume. I'm the part with the ears. There's a better explanation than that. Don't just sit there. Tell them! We were going to a masquerade party and we were going right by the hut -- The women don't believe the story.

Gilligan tries a different story. We were gonna celebrate the Chinese New Year with this great dragon, because next week is the -- The women don't believe that story either. Gilligan stands and hands a garment to Skipper. Skipper places the garment on the line. What do we play next? He holds a needle and thread. Professor tries to thread the needle. Skipper takes the needle and thread from Professor.

Let me show you.

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Skipper puts the end of the thread in his mouth to wet it. Skipper tries to thread the needle. Gilligan helps. I almost got it through. Gilligan pushes Skippers hand holding the thread. Skipper successfully threads the needle. Skipper hands the threaded needle to Professor.

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Professor turns around, revealing large holes in his shirt. Skipper notices the holes in Professor's shirt. Professor exits.

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Gilligan turns away. Either we get stronger clothes or softer rocks. He wears a chef's hat. Did you want your dinner well done? Howell smiles. Howell drops the smile. And don't you forget it. Ginger stops working.