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Enjoy the little joys in life that come your way each day! Not all of us are destined for great things. Most of us live perfectly ordinary lives, doing ordinary things.

It is up to us to make this life count. Have you experienced the joy of being the highest scorer in a board game? Did you feel the excitement of paying a surprise visit to your grandparents? Try to do simple things that bring you joy and satisfaction even for a day or just a few hours. We need to celebrate life in the smallest of wonders—the smile of a baby, the smell of the first raindrops on parched earth, the sight of a kitten gambolling after a piece of string, the smell of the sweet dish on the stove, the beauty of the colourful rangoli, the sound of the chirping birds early in the morning, the smell of paper in a new book, the abandon with which children greet the last bell signalling the end of a school day, their laughter on a playground—all these are everyday things that bring me great joy.

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Forgot Password? They're Aladdin. They're The Little Mermaid. You're Memento. You're motherfucking Inception. Getty "Baby, even science doesn't understand me. What chance do you have?

The 37 Greatest Joys of Life

You're a problem that took all of medical science thousands of years to solve. And you know who thinks untameable problems and complex mysteries are sexy? Friggin' everyone , man. Try using that line next time you cough blood into some saucy young thing's Margarita: I guarantee they'll throw up just a little bit less than usual. If you're lucky enough to have a condition that can be treated -- not even cured, just treated a little -- the moment the medication kicks in is like unlocking a secret level in life. All these years, you've existed at half power because chronic illness Harrison Bergeroned your ass, so any meds that take even a fraction of that weight off of your shoulders are basically giving you goddamn superpowers.

If people thought you were obnoxious after you got those glasses, with your constant prattle about wood grain and cloud patterns, they're going to strangle that newfound health right out of you the first time you wake up to find it doesn't hurt as much as it usually does. Getty "Listen to this breathing right here: That's right, baby. Most assholes will answer adversity with the mantra "At least you have your health.

How to Create Your Own Simple Joys in Life — Purpose Fairy

But a lot of us are rusted out Pintos, just coughing and sputtering along until we inevitably explode. The moment when your meds finally kick in is like jumping out of that Pinto and right into the warm, faux-leather seat of a lovingly maintained Ford Taurus.

Did you think you were going to be a Ferrari or something? No, man: You're still a piece of shit, but the important thing is you're not going to explode. And remember, Twilight was basically the best-selling book in the world; a lot of people really like shitty things. People who didn't start out at zero on the ol' Healthometer have no idea what an amazing thing it is to increase your relative health level.

Oh, they can improve themselves, of course: They go on diets and undertake new exercise regimens to "get in shape. They don't understand what it's like to be a pile of human Gak, just oozing through life, getting dog hair stuck all up in your endocrine system. Nickelodeon via FanPop "Aw, gross! There's a Band-aid in there!


That's because they started off as a successful human being. I mean that literally: They started off succeeding at the simple act of being a person, and so cannot understand what failing at it means. But when you start off a pile of half-functioning organs and good intentions and it's only through years of slow, painful, careful work that you manage to shove yourself into a mold and come out looking something like a person -- you get a whole different outlook on life. Oh, don't get me wrong: Illness has not made you any better than healthy people. God, no. You've barely bumped the needle on the Healthometer.

But you're on there, now. And going from zero to one is an unfathomably larger distance than going from 1 to What possible joy is there in backsliding? It's easy to see why getting better can be a happy experience, but what's the upshot of getting worse? If you've been sick before, and you start getting sick again, then you're treading familiar ground. You know what failing health and disability are; you know what they feel like, and what it takes to get through it. That's a skill set you are guaranteed to use someday, because all of us, every one, will get sick and die eventually.

That must be an awful experience for a healthy person -- being stuck in there, flailing in reverse down death mountain for the very first time. They will be wholly unprepared for it when it happens. Getty "My only regret is that I wasn't sick more often!


You've been stuck in neutral this whole time, pushing that damn body up every mile of death mountain anyway. You just now got the bastard jammed into first; slipping out of gear is something you know how to deal with. If you've never experienced serious illness before, then the first time it does hit you, you're like the confused and panicky lead actress in a slasher flick -- all running around screaming for people to believe you, so overcome with fear you don't even realize half your tits are out, just terror-flopping all over the place.

But if you've been really, truly sick before, you're not knife-bait: You're the jaded antihero. You've seen too much of this shit already, and sure, maybe it broke you a little -- but you know what comes next. His first name was actually Fucking.

Look it up. Adversity builds character, after all. And nothing is as adverse as living your whole life with your own body as your archnemesis. If trial, suffering and determination are the only means by which one can acquire character, then, my sickly friend, you've got character shooting out your ass.

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