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Groups such as these rely on online fraud forums to communicate and coordinate attacks. One of these forums later closed by authorities was home to over 10, members. In my previous role, it was part of my job to join forces with merchants and financial institutions to develop stronger fraud prevention capabilities.

The Other Side Of Organized

While I was spent a lot of time and energy to build effective controls, Brett was just as hard at work on the other side finding ways to exploit and penetrate our vulnerabilities. The main result of sustained, methodical probing at scale is that fraudsters know not only exactly which companies are vulnerable to attacks , but also how and when they should make their moves.

This is why I believe that assessing fraud risk exposure, regardless of current fraud losses, is so critical for companies doing business online. For a period of six months, this group of fraudsters were able to net USD 1, each week. Put in perspective, total losses were less than USD 30, While these losses may not seem monumental, the vulnerabilities exposed would have severe ramifications.

The following weekend after the initial weak point was discovered, that same bank got hit by a fraud attack that resulted in a loss of USD 2,, Besides building and protecting existing revenue and ensuring customers have a good experience, you have to always be looking for potential back doors. Now, one of the interesting parts is the key aspect where Brett came to recognize that stealing an identity today is easy. We will declutter, organize and pack the personal areas of your home that you are most concerned about. No need to stress!

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We will make sure things are completely organized for an easy and quick unpack on the other side! We will completely unpack all your boxes when you arrive to your new home! We not only unpack, but we put things away in the most organized way possible! Contact Tracy for pricing and a list of public speaking topics she shares related to getting and staying organized.

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She loves to share all her favorite products, tips and tricks with others in a fun and entertaining way! Click on picture to see the After!

I live in a very small modest home. With all my children, their friends, and 3 dogs, my life is in chaos.


I have had Tracy help me with different projects over the last few years and what a life savor she has been! Less Stuff and Less Chaos! She has helped me create places for things and has taught me a system that helps me keep things in their place. Tracy is smart, quick, and knows what she is doing.

Vacations, time with family and getting outside make summer a great time to find the assistance you need in order to tackle big projects. The fall is back to school, preparing for cooler weather and a time to think positive.

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How can you prevent the same things from occurring again? How can you embrace change, live positively, and joyously.

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The book is easy to read in small, digestible and implementable chapter. I love the cartoons and even the cover makes you happy. Thank you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts about it with your readers. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.