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I don't need to know there is a dresser in the corner unless it is relevant to the story.

I don't care that there are different types of marble in the columns vs. Basic description is enough. Lastly, I struggled with how things were explained. The characters had long detailed conversations, or internal monologue, about the politics and geography of the area. I didn't need all that information at once, I only need it when it's relevant. Unfortunately, I forgot all the relevant content basically immediately. It was too much.

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I don't think I'd recommend this book. But if you read the summary and are interested, send me a message and we will chat about alternative options. Feb 08, Phillip rated it really liked it.

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Once I got passed the authors obsession with hot buttered biscuit and the idea the fresh cream is available out in the wilderness, I really enjoyed this book. It was a free borrow with Amazon Prime and so are all the sequels. It's one of the better books in it's price range and is better than a lot of books in a higher price range. Although the magic system is fairly standard, it is still interesting enough and the story kept me interested.

The only problem I had, besides the food, was that as s Once I got passed the authors obsession with hot buttered biscuit and the idea the fresh cream is available out in the wilderness, I really enjoyed this book. The only problem I had, besides the food, was that as soon as the main character gets one more item to protect him, he somehow has his life saved by that item multiple times.

He seems to get just what he needs in the nick of time. One example not a real spoiler Jan 17, Roderick rated it it was amazing. I knew nothing of this book and was pleasantly surprised. Aug 12, Foxfish rated it really liked it.

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Yeah good book, I did skip a few pages every now and again but, overall I really enjoyed the story - just downloaded the second book This entire book is just an introduction to whatever comes next. Reasons two and three are essentially flip sides of the same the coin: The author makes his otherwise smart characters do stupid things to force the story where he wants it to go rather than letting the story flow organically from the world and characters he has created. The author also betrays his own characters and settings to create artificial drama and he generally if not exclusively does this by having his otherwise smart characters act stupidly.

The bottom line here is that this book is not worth reading. What follows are the details supporting the above so feel free to save time here and go search for a book worth reading. The first is a piece of crap that fails to tell a complete story the second tells a complete story with acknowledgement of the larger conflict to come.

Therefore, when this book ends with the finding of the Thinblade there is zero resolution. In fact the MC is trapped inside of a castle with hostile forces outside and friendly forces approaching. Just like that the author would have had a decent book that was also an opening to a series instead of this crap that somehow got published. Given that this book was published in , it would seem to me that Alexander Publishing is severely lacking in competence. He undermines it a lot. Therefore, when the magical worldwide warning happens a group of Rangers is sent out to collect the chosen one.

The MC then tells the Rangers about the demon dogs chasing him that can only come out at night. Given the existence of magic and the earth-shattering happenings of the past days, why would the Rangers not believe the MC one when he tells them he is being hunted by demon dogs????? Worse, this whole scene basically serves no purpose since the group proceeds as if the demon dogs are real anyway.

Plus, later the bad guy summons three demon dogs indicating that the only reason he only sent one zombie was because he is stupid. Basically this whole scenario has been played out countless times in countless stories with the bad guy essentially acting as a training exercise for the good guy by giving the good ever more difficult opponents to beat. The author just assumes that this is how bad guys do things and gives it no more thought.

Finally, the bad guy is bad to the point of stupidity and makes no attempt to hide it. To send the super zombie the bad guy sacrifices one of his own soldiers. Then, when the super zombie failed, the bad guy kills the daughter of some servants to summon the demon dogs. The bad guy initially disguises this action by making it look like all he intends to do is rape her.

Thinblade Sovereign Of The Seven Isles 1 David A Wells

Along the way the MC was magically imbued with the knowledge and abilities of a sword master, including the ability to fight with the magical Thinblade that can cut through almost anything. So this makes the MC the best non-battle mage swordsman on the planet. And yet the author has the MC stupidly strike himself with the Thinblade at the start of book two just so he can show that the Thinblade is enchanted against harming it wielder.

Since no fighting is involved it seems reasonable to presume that if the GC fell into a pit the GC would not be able to use his battle magic to escape.

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But no, the good guys fight him on several occasions and the GC kills them by the dozens. The MC is collecting magic items and abilities and yet the author makes it clear that the MC would be no match for the GC. Basically, the way this story is written if the author stayed true to the characters and world he created the GC would kill the MC and the bad guys would win and this is without even considering the overwhelming advantage in magic the bad guys have since they are led by the sole surviving master mage.

The kidnapper ends up injured, alone and relatively close to a bunch of good guys who have a hawk familiar they can use to run him down. The author pretty clearly did this just to give the MC a bad guy to overcome in later books. Plus the head bad guy can summon an endless number of creatures who can fill that role. This is not, of course, the only instance of the author choosing artificial drama over good story telling. The first instance is when the MC first meets the Rangers.

The MC also has the least amount of fighting experience of anyone in the group except his sister. So, when the demon dogs attack, do the Rangers treat him like a VIP they were sent to protect? Instead at times it seems like the MC is the only one fighting. The worst instance of artificial drama is when the MC ends up outside of a secured but abandoned castle trying to figure out how to enter.

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In spite of the castle being magical and the MC being given a magic ring referred to as the key to the castle, and mages being the only people to gain entrance to the castle over the past 2, years the MC spends a couple of hours looking for a door. Of course this allows the bad guys to arrive and attack.

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Only then does the MC figure out that the magic ring may actually get him into the castle. This whole scene was waste of time. Mar 13, andrew looker rated it it was amazing. Personal Response The plot in this book is very engaging. The author really keeps me on the edge never knowing if a good or bad thing will happen next. Plot Alexander, Darius, and Abigail are out hunting a wolf pack that has been terrorizing their livestock.

They find the wolf pack, but then Darius gets hit in the chest by a poisoned arrow. They rush hi Personal Response The plot in this book is very engaging.

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A couple of hours later, a warning spell triggers letting the Seven Isles know that Prince Phane Reishi is awake and Alexander gets the Mark of Mage Cedric burned into his neck. Phane sends a demon after Alexander and he manages to escape. They head for Southport but are met by mercenaries. Alexander kills someone for the first time and they head for Glen Morillian. They hole up in an abandoned castle for the night but are attacked by nether wolves.

They are saved by a company of Rangers and head for the forest city.