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Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! Lean Product Management at Silicon Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Also, a cooler isn't that expensive and neither is Tupperware. You can pack your food and take it with you.

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You may also find you save a lot of money doing it this way. Eat a healthy meal right before going to the store. If you are not hungry, you will be less tempted to buy the bad food and will stay focused on the task at hand. Make a list, get your food and get out. You can spend one evening a week and cook a few days worth of meals and store them in your freezer.

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Cooking in bulk saves time both preparing and eating. Normally you don't need more than 45 minutes to properly train to build the body you want. We are going to cover each of these phases in this order: BodySpace , nutrition, training, and supplementation. This is the priority that I want you to keep these aspects in because this is how important they should be to you. When you start on Day 1, take a before photo. This will show you where you are actually starting.

Make sure you do photos of both your front and back. You will also take photos every four weeks to show yourself and those on BodySpace how much you have improved. Seeing the results before your own eyes will motivate you to keep going. Nothing, nothing, nothing is more important than the diet. This is especially true when it comes to packing on the mass and building your strength.

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You are literally trying to put something on your body that is not there right now and that is more muscle, so you better feed that body properly. Here is what you do for the first month of your plan. It is going to be six meals a day, one every three hours. Each meal will have protein and carbs in it. You will also drink water every time you eat.

Don't forget your fats as well. Make sure at least three of your meals have some type of healthy fats included with them.

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Some ways to do this is to make sure you are eating fish every day so you get omega 3 fatty acids in them. You can also include flaxseeds in your oatmeal or protein shakes. As long as you get the fats in there somehow, you are good. Here is a sample diet that can help you get started. As long as you are getting plenty of protein and carbs, you will be okay.

If you want numbers, then go for 1. Make sure your carbs are low-glycemic so they keep your energy up throughout the day and you will be stronger in the gym. Speaking of which, let's go train now. It is going to be short and sweet. No wasting time talking to people or flexing. You will go in, train each day like you won't succeed unless this workout is the best you ever had, and get out. You should never be in the gym longer than an hour.

No Excuses

That is it. No more, no less. You grow when you rest, not when you train. Understand that now so you will grow sooner. Rest for 90 seconds between sets. Also do cardio 2 days a week for minutes a session after your training. This is good for your cardiovascular system and will keep you from gaining too much body fat. Also drink a liter of water while training to replace what you lose while sweating and training. No creatine, no nitric oxide, why?

Right now you are primed for growth because you are just starting out. Your body is going to respond to what you do for the first month so the extra supps are not necessary yet. Save your money now and just focus on this.

What happened to you? Are you on roids or something? You grew like a weed.

Go From Zero To Hero In One Year: The Ultimate Day Muscle-Building Plan! |

Oh, wait. You actually followed the plan and you are growing. Take some photos and post them so you can inspire others now.

You are doing great and you should be proud. Celebration time is over. Back to work. Let's check out the diet and see what we can modify. Hopefully you have been taking those pictures and seeing the results of your hard work is pushing you. Now I want you to see the results beforehand. Yeah I know it sounds strange, but hear me out.

From here on in, before going to bed you will take a few minutes and visualize what you are going to do the next day. Watch yourself training, eating right and watch yourself improve every night before going to sleep. If this is your dream then you have been doing this anyway.

Now you are focusing on seeing it to be it. Every night, before going to sleep, visualize yourself living a healthy lifestyle the following day.