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These are often visible from the surface. Similarly, the break between muddy and clear water, the edges of main lake basins, the margin where mud bottom meets gravel bottom and drop-offs also attract active fish. Fish respond to both feeding opportunities and light levels.

Generally, fish are in shallower water in low light and choppy conditions, and in deeper water when the sun is bright and winds are calm. Fish are often shallower in the spring and early summer. Summer heat sends fish deeper to find cooler temperatures, but not to the bottom, where there is little oxygen.

Fall fish tend to remain deep. Fish in ice-covered lakes often stay near the surface, especially in late winter. Fishing can be good at any time. However, fish seem to prefer the low light conditions of morning and evening better than the bright sun of midday. Cloud cover creates a twilight of its own and may encourage fish to bite.

Catfish, bass, crappie and many other species of fish will bite day or night. In some clear lakes, fishing is better at night than during the day. Big fish seem to be less selective and easier to catch when it is dark. Fishing at night is difficult even for experienced anglers. Beginning anglers can experiment with fishing at night by fishing during the evening and continuing to fish until after dark.

Weather certainly affects fish, but not always in predictable ways. The following statements often prove true:. Warm fronts improve fishing, and the longer the front stays, the better. Cold fronts often reduce fish movements. A light to moderate wind is better than no wind. Fish will move shallower to feed in windy conditions. Fishing is usually better where the wind blows into the shore than along protected shorelines. Patterning means using information you have learned from the fish to find more fish.

We can assume whatever caused a fish to locate in one place would prompt others to be in similar places.

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Catching a fish off a windswept point, for example, could mean that other fish will be located on that point and on similar points throughout the lake. What works for one fish often works for others of the same species. Patterns may hold for a few hours or all day, or they may persist for weeks. Some patterns repeat themselves year after year. Experiment until you discover a pattern then use that pattern to catch more fish.

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This is NOT a legal document. Regulations are subject to revision during the current year.

Where can the public fish for free?

Refer to the Wildlife Code. We protect and manage the fish, forest, and wildlife of the state. We facilitate and provide opportunity for all citizens to use, enjoy, and learn about these resources. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. Species A-Z. Deer Hunting Guide. Hunter Education. Call to report poaching and arson. Where to Fish. Fishing Prospects. Get Started Fishing. Protect Missouri Fishing. Field Guide: A-Z. Places to Go. Things to Do. MDC Research. Fall Color Updates.

Teacher Portal. Find Places to Go in MO. Family Camping Spots. Tree Seedlings. Identification: Field Guide. It also helps NOAA demonstrate the economic value of saltwater recreational fishing on local and national economies. NOAA allowed states to exempt anglers from federal registration if they had a program in place to account for all of its saltwater anglers. New Hampshire met this requirement by establishing a recreational saltwater fishing license effective January 1, The state license ensures that fees paid by New Hampshire anglers stay in the state to help manage fish and wildlife.

Do you sell Fish and Game licenses at the Region 3 Office? Yes, please visit the license agent webpage. Are nonresidents permitted to take clams and oysters? No, only residents are allowed to purchase licenses for the taking of clams and oysters. Are NH shellfish safe to eat? Generally, yes, with exceptions: if there is a Red Tide warning or other shellfish contamination issue, it will be shown on the Clam Flat Status page.

Shellfish from closed areas may not be harvested or eaten. What do I need to allow me to land lobsters that were harvested outside of state waters in NH?

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Can I dive for lobster? It is illegal to harvest lobster by diving in the State of New Hampshire. Do you have a number for Cambridge Security Seals? Issues with lobster trap tags must be resolved through the Marine Fisheries Division , not Cambridge Security Seals. There have been a lot of lobster traps and gear washed up on the beach. Do you do anything about it? Are the clam flats open this weekend? The hotline is generally updated by Friday afternoon each week. Do you have maps showing the areas where shellfishing is allowed?

The soft shell clam Mya arenaria is the principal regulated clam. Also present for taking, but with different harvest regulations, are surf clams Spisula solidissma and razor clam Ensis directus. Am I eligible to transfer my Limited Commercial trap or Commercial trap lobster license eligibility? In order to be eligible to transfer a limited-access lobster license eligibility, you must have harvested or landed a certain amount of pounds EACH year for 2 of the previous 3 years for a standard transfer, or 2 of the previous 5 years in the case of a permanent physical disability or death see Table below.

A person who transfers a limited-access lobster license eligibility due to a permanent physical disability will no longer be eligible to purchase a commercial, limited commercial, or part-time commercial lobster and crab license but may purchase a recreational lobster and crab license. Transfer regulations can be found here in Fis How do I transfer my Limited Commercial trap or Commercial trap lobster license? In order to transfer, you will need to submit a letter with specific information about both you and the individual you are planning to transfer to.

Contact the Marine Fisheries Division at the Region 3 office for more information of the process. Processing the request may take up to 6 weeks on average, but may be longer or shorter. Staff needs to ensure transfer criteria are met before approval by the Director.

Fishing Basics: How to Get Started

You can pick up a printed publication at Fish and Game's headquarters in Concord or the Department's Region 3 office in Durham, NH Is there a website that has more NH saltwater fishing information? Take plenty of sunscreen, and apply it often.

A baited question: Why do men love fishing?

At the other end of the scale, danger from cold weather hypothermia is always an issue in Montana, when snow can fall during any month of the year. It may seem strange to see someone wearing a life jacket when fishing from shore or the bank of a river, but it's never a bad idea to wear a life jacket. Always let someone know where you are going fishing, and when you will return. And try not to fish alone.

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It's more fun to fish with a good friend, and safer too. The number one most important rule to follow when fishing from a boat is to always wear a life jacket. Keep it on even when the boat has stopped. In fact, children anyone in a boat who is under 12 years of age must wear a life jacket or PFD at all times. A good rule to always follow when ice fishing is to never be the first person to step out on the ice. Wait until you have seen someone else out fishing first, never take a chance on thin ice. Wait for inches of clear, solid ice before venturing out.

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Carry a few safety items, like a whistle, ice picks, and a length of rope, and never fish alone.